Wednesday 16 April 2014

Fox's Crunch Creams: Key lime pie

Product name: Fox’s Crunch Creams: Key lime pie
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 168g pack or two for £1.00 (Poundworld)
78 per biscuit
Country of origin:

I was really excited when I first heard about Vinnie’s Tastes of America range of Fox’s biscuits. I bought all of the varieties a few months ago but it’s only now that I’ve got around to opening a pack!

I’ve never had a key lime pie before but I’ve always wanted to try it so I figured I’d start with a biscuit version instead. Described as ‘oat biscuits sandwiched with a key lime flavour cream’, they came in a wrapper that featured an American flag and pictures of the biscuits. There was also an image of Vinnie the panda from the advertising campaign but this actually put me off slightly as I don’t like to look at or think about animals when I’m eating. It may not have been a real panda but he just didn’t look very hygienic – sorry Vinnie!

Although I’d not tried these biscuits before, I had actually seen them at a meeting in work. I was quite amused at the time because a lot of people were reluctant to try them because of the pale green appearance of the cream filling. Once I’d told them that I thought they were this specific brand, people were more willing to give them a go, and they did go down well. I admit that, for the simple reason that it was just such an unusual colour to associate with a biscuit, the green shade was a little distracting, but it certainly wasn’t ugly, and I loved the golden appearance of the fat, oat-flecked biscuits themselves.

On opening the pack, I found that the lime scent floated towards my nose, reminding me of Starburst. The aroma was sweet and tangy and, whilst pleasant, wasn’t really what I like my biscuits to smell like!

The biscuits contained 3% rolled oats and were very crunchy with a slight chewiness thrown in – they were very much like ginger nuts in texture. In comparison, the cream was soft and a little grainy, providing a cheesecake-like tang. This lime filling had quite a mellow sweetness to it but also had a citrus kick. The buttery biscuit flavour went really well with the tangy centre and there were times where the combination really did make it feel like I was eating a biscuit-based pie. The only down-side was, when dunked in tea, the outer biscuit went soft whilst the middle was a little chewy, so the resulting stale effect wasn’t wonderful. Straight out of the packet, though, these were a lovely change!

I really enjoyed these Fox’s Crunch Creams: Key lime pie. I won’t pretend they’d be my flavour of choice, generally speaking, as I tend to opt for more sweetness and less tang, but I would definitely buy these again.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:


  1. Oh I haven't seen these but I will be on the look out! Love the green filling!

  2. These sound lovely! I hope I can find them some time :)

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