Tuesday 4 March 2014

Frijj Supreme: Sticky toffee pudding

Product name: Frijj Supreme: Sticky toffee pudding
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 471ml bottle (tesco.com)
405 per bottle
Country of origin:

I’ve reviewed both sticky toffee pudding products and milkshakes recently so I jumped at the chance to buy a sticky toffee pudding flavoured milkshake! This was from the Frijj Supreme range and I just loved the sophisticated black label that represented the line of ‘supremely thick’, ‘smooth’ and ‘indulgent’ shakes. The packaging did also maintain the cow-like splodges of the more standard Frijj milkshakes but, in this case, they were rich brown swirls that made me think more of chocolate than toffee.

This product was clearly going to feel a bit more special than the Fudge Brownie and Cookie Dough standard Frijj drinks I’ve previously reviewed since it contained 45% each of whole milk and skimmed milk – this was just over double the amount of whole milk and considerably less skimmed so it seemed like good news for the tastebuds but not the waistline! What hadn’t changed was the fact that the milk used was ‘fresh’, and the milkshake was also a source of calcium and vitamin B12, whilst containing no artificial flavours or colours.

The drink was beige in colour (well, ‘plain caramel, apparently!) and had a lovely, buttery caramel scent. The bottle described it as ‘temptingly delicious’ so, having chilled and shaken it, it was time to see for myself. 

The initial taste that hit me was a milky one but then a sweet toffee flavour did come through too. Exact flavourings were not included on the ingredients list but there were two types of sugar (normal and ‘caramelised’!) as well as buttermilk powder, so I imagine these had quite a big part to play in the ‘indulgent flavours’. 

What pleased me most about this Supreme: Sticky toffee pudding milkshake was the texture – it was definitely thicker than the other varieties I’ve tried and, since this has been something I’ve previously commented on, it was a welcome improvement. Furthermore, it maintained its vital smooth texture too. 

I’m not going to pretend this milkshake’s flavour was as deep as that of real sticky toffee pudding but it was delicious nevertheless and has become my favourite Frijj variety so far. 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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