Saturday 28 December 2013

Milky Way Crispy Rolls

Product name: Milky Way Crispy Rolls
Purchase details:
£0.99 for a box of five two finger bars (Home Bargains)
64 per finger (128 per bar)

Here’s a blast from the past: Milky Way Crispy Rolls. I loved them when I was a kid but when I last tried them, a couple of years ago, I was less impressed. This box was really cheap, though, so I couldn’t resist giving them another go.

These ‘milk chocolate (30%) covered wafer biscuit fingers with a lightly whipped filling (47%)’ were made by Mars and contained no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The bars came in packaging containing a picture of the product, as well as some chocolate and wheat. On checking the ingredients, the latter seemed to be included due to the product containing 13% wheat flour. The country of origin was not stated but contact details were provided for Australia, Great Britain and Ireland.

The two cylindrical fingers that made up each 25g bar didn’t have the thickest of chocolate coatings, and I also thought the filling looked quite stiff rather than light. However, they did have quite a milky smell which was probably the result of the skimmed milk powder listed on the ingredients.

The chocolate was quite basic in taste but it melted really quickly and well to give way to the really crispy wafers. I was right in thinking the filling was solid, in that it was able to hold its shape, but it was also soft under pressure. I found these textures mixed really well together.

Pleasingly, the overall taste was quite milky, and it actually reminded me of the much-missed Mars Delight, just not as richly delicious (and without the caramel cream!). That said, it was the filling that made these Crispy Rolls what they were, and this was still richer than I would have expected.

Bearing in mind the size of this bar, and the low number of calories it contained, the flavours on offer were pretty decent! 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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