Thursday 5 September 2013

Milka Nussini: Cocos

Product name: Milka Nussini: Cocos
Purchase details:
£0.80 for a 40g bar (
220 per bar
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Following on from my review of Milka Nussini: Haselnuss, now is the turn of the Cocos variety which I deemed to be a more exciting prospect due to it containing white chocolate and coconut which are two of my favourite ingredients. (A glance at my review of Ritter Sport Weisse Cocos shows just how well these flavours can go together.)

The Monster Sweets website described this bar as ‘crunchy wafers sprinkled with coconut pieces, filled with a coconut cream and coated in delicious Milka white chocolate’. I realised that this product would be my first experience of Milka’s white chocolate and, whilst it didn’t have the strongest flavour in the world, it was nice enough. Like the milk chocolate on the Haselnuss bar, the coating seemed to be melting for no apparent reason but, whilst the layer of chocolate was still thin, it was the right colour for white chocolate and had a thicker layer on the base of the bar. The only downside about the appearance of the chocolate was that there was almost no differentiation between its colour and that of the wafer and so it was quite a plain-looking product.

The Nussini: Cocos was 3g heavier than the Haselnuss variety, but appearance-wise, it was the same size and shape. The coconut aroma wasn’t as strong as the hazelnut one had been but I did find it to be more pleasant. I also felt that the sweet white chocolate and coconut flavours worked well together and were a better match for the wafer than the Haselnuss variety had been. I think this may have been due to the wafers once again being like those that go with ice cream – although it did not appear to be listed on the ingredients, the chocolate seemed to have an enjoyable vanilla flavour to it which is obviously a common taste associated with ice cream. In fact, I found that the more I ate, the less I noticed the coconut flavour.

Texturally, the wafers were still fluffy but, thankfully, they were also not as dry. In addition, the texture was improved by the tiny flakes of coconut which added that little bit of extra crispiness to munch on. Even so, I would have liked a little bit more chocolate since this had an initially nice texture that almost immediately disappeared as the wafer took over.

If I’m honest, the impression I got of this bar was that it was pretty basic. However, I did still enjoy it and it was an improvement on the Haselnuss version. 

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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