Friday 6 September 2013

Milka Leo

Product name: Milka Leo
Purchase details:
£1.09 for a 45g bar (
240 per bar

What’s this? Another Milka product for me to try? Oh, go on then!

Tonight I bring you the Milka Leo bar which seemed to be another product manufactured in Germany or Austria but, again, I can’t be sure about this. The bar was chunky to hold and came presented in an attractive wrapper which combined a deep pink with the purple of Milka’s brand. (It also had the same opening mechanism as the Lila Pause: Nougat-crème which I, again, struggled with!) 

Monster Sweets' website described this product as ‘crispy wafer filled with a delicious cocoa cream’ and coated in milk chocolate, so it seemed to be the same basic concept as the Nussini bars I have recently reviewed, minus the additional flavours.

On opening the product, I was greeted by a shiny chocolate bar with a slight decoration on the top. Inside, the layers of wafer were only marginally lighter than the very pale cream, and this contrasted well with the outer layer of chocolate. This chocolate coating was surprisingly thick which caused me to readjust my expectations to something more in line with a Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky. I also realised that the depth of this chocolate was the main reason why the bar weighed in at 45g despite containing so much wafer.

The chocolate emitted quite a strong cocoa smell and it also tasted a lot stronger than other Milka products I’ve tried to the extent that, on its own, it almost tasted of dark chocolate. However, the creaminess of this came out when combined with the wafer.

The wafer was really crispy and, thankfully, not fluffy like the Nussini bars had been. I found that the cream between the wafer layers wasn’t really obvious, but it was noticeable enough to not be too dissimilar from other wafer bars like Kit Kat. (Interestingly, I have since Googled the bar and discovered that it is also available in four-finger versions!)

Whilst I acknowledge that the concept of this product was not the most exciting one in the world, I loved the chunkiness of the chocolate on this bar and was pleasantly surprised by just how strong the flavour of it was. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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