Thursday 11 September 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Mousse snowman (chocolate)

Product name: Cadbury Dairy Milk: Mousse snowman (chocolate)
Purchase details:
£0.65 for a 30g bar or three for £1.20 (
168 per bar

I may have only recently finished eating my stock from last Christmas, and I know it’s only September, but it’s time for my first review of Christmas 2014.

I could have sworn I’d had the vanilla version of the Cadbury Dairy Milk: Mousse snowman last year but, as I haven’t reviewed it, I must have just read so many other reviews of it that it felt like I’d tried one myself! Anyway, this chocolate variety is new so it’s the one I decided to buy. I did think it was expensive for the size but the multibuy made it better (although my third item was out of stock so it ended up being £0.40 by itself!).

I was pleased to see that the knitted theme had returned for this Christmas’ Cadbury packaging, and I thought the snowman on the front looked really cute in its scarf. The lovely and glossy ‘milk chocolate with a soft milk chocolate flavoured mousse filling (37%)’ was also shaped into an adorable snowman with a little hat and carrot nose.

Made using the usual Dairy Milk recipe, the snowman had a beautiful, deep and creamy scent and it tasted delicious. The inner mousse was a slightly paler colour and was richer than I expected but this tasted great against the sweeter shell. It was soft, smooth and melted well, reminding me more of a truffle than a mousse. The shape of the product really added to the overall experience, too, by providing variety in the ratio of chocolate to mousse – no mouthful was the same but each one was incredibly enjoyable.

I remember trying another snowman-shaped chocolate last year, in the form of The Snowman chocolate truffle in the Thorntons The Snowman and The Snowdog: Christmas selection box, and being a bit underwhelmed by the flavour. For me, this Dairy Milk alternative nailed the concept, in comparison, as there was a clear difference in taste between the chocolate and the mousse.

Thank you, Mondelez, for another tasty treat for us lucky people in the UK and Ireland!

Appearance: 9/10
Overall score:

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