Friday, 9 May 2014

Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream

Product name: Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream
Purchase details:
£1.75 for a 100g bar (
571 per bar
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There’s been something missing from my life in recently: Ritter Sport! It’s been over five months since my last review of this brand but, thankfully, I was able to stock up on the latest varieties from Monster Sweets.

This Cookies & Cream bar came in a fresh-looking blue and white wrapper that contained a lovely image of the product, as well as a cookie scooping some cream out of a bowl – if that doesn’t get your mouth watering, I don’t know what will!

I’m sure I initially got this limited edition ‘Springtime speciality’’s calorie content from Ritter Sport's own website but, by the time I came to eat it, the variety no longer seemed to be featured. However, the figure I’d recorded on my spreadsheet (yep, I’m that cool!) was also the one provided by MyFitnessPal, so hopefully it was accurate.

Monster Sweets described the 16-squared bar as ‘milk chocolate with a creamy vanilla cream and chocolate cookie filling’ and it seemed to be the same concept as Lindt Hello My Name Is: Cookies & cream.

The Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream had the same outer appearance as most of their other bars. Inside, the cream (39% of the overall product) was slightly grey in appearance which was a shame, though it was night to see the cookie (6.9%) scattered throughout.

The bar had a sweet, milky chocolate scent and I really enjoyed how the taste of the really sweet centre offset the rich chocolate. The flavour wasn’t too far off that of an Oreo so it must have done a good job of replicating the cookies and cream flavour. However, the experience on offer here was a bit more grown-up and (dare I say it), slightly less enjoyable than the popular biscuit. I think the reason for this was that the biscuit pieces actually reminded me a bit of amaretti ones rather than chocolate cookies. However, there was no shortage of strong cocoa flavours from the smooth chocolate shell, and it was nice and creamy too.

The product also provided a great texture. When chewing, it was chunky yet soft with added crispy bits and, when melting, the cream felt smooth with a very slight grittiness, leaving behinds bits of crunchy biscuit.

Overall, this was a rich bar that was full of flavour: my mouth actually felt a bit numb from everything that was going on by the time I reached the end! I also enjoyed the aftertaste which was very much like cookies and milk. Lovely jubbly.

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. I wish Ritter was more widely available in the UK. I've seen them in a couple of shops but it's always the same few flavours which didn't tempt me so I've actually never tried it.

    1. I'm with you on that. Until recently, there was only one offline shop I'd ever seen their chocolate in, but it's always the basic flavours. Having said that, they did have this Cookies & Cream variety in stock yesterday - I didn't need to buy another bar though!

      I was shocked to see the coconut variety in Home Bargains a few weeks ago. I go in there at least once a week and that day was the only time I've seen a Ritter Sports product. I'm kicking myself for not stocking up!


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