Monday 19 May 2014

Lu Glico: Mikado (Daim)

Product name: Lu Glico: Mikado (Daim)
Purchase details:
£0.69 for a 70g box (Home Bargains)
11 per biscuit
Country of origin:

I love the Mikado brand – so few calories! It’s been a while since I’ve had space in my snack stash for them, though, and I’ve only had this Daim variety once before, so I decided it was time to buy them again.

These ‘biscuits covered with caramel flavour milk chocolate with caramel pieces’ came in an eye-catching yellow box that featured red branding for both the Mikado and Daim logos – I particularly liked how the Daim brand had been used to look like an explosion from the bomb in the background. The box also had images of Daim chocolate, as well as the long, thin biscuits – I could totally see the reason for the name ‘Mikado’ which is another word for the game ‘pick-up sticks’.

The clever thing about Mikado biscuits is the way one end is left free of chocolate to avoid messy fingers – I guess the result is not too dissimilar from corndogs! Going by the picture on the packaging, though, the rest of the sticks were coated in a decent chocolate coating and knobbly caramel pieces. Despite these contributing to 43.9% and 5% of the product, respectively, I did find the reality looked a little less impressive – the chocolate layer was very thin in places and the surface wasn’t as bumpy either. However, they were still attractive, and I liked the contrast between the biscuit’s golden surface and white innards.

This particular pack had been made by Kraft Foods and, on opening the inner foil wrapper, released a buttery caramel scent. Up close, a milky chocolate aroma was noticeable too. I was pleased that the caramel infusion was noticeable in the chocolate’s taste, with the overall flavour being quite deep – an almost burnt sugar taste against the sweet chocolate. In contrast, the biscuit was very plain, and was like an unsweetened rich tea.

These Mikado (Daim) were lovely and crispy to chew, and the chocolate melted away very quickly too, if preferred. However, this did leave behind the smooth but hard biscuit which, quite unusually, didn’t really dissolve. At 11 calories a pop, though, you couldn’t really go wrong with these!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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