Thursday 22 May 2014

Fox's Jam 'n Cream: Cherry cheesecake

Product name: Fox’s Jam ’n Cream: Cherry cheesecake
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 150g pack or two for £1.00 (Poundworld)
77 per biscuit
Country of origin:

Here’s another packet of biscuits from Vinnie the panda’s Tastes of America range! These ‘digestive biscuits sandwiched with a cheesecake flavour cream and red cherry jam’ came in a red wrapper that featured the American flag and pictures of the product. I was looking forward to trying these as I find jammy biscuits are so much nicer with a cream layer...and you can’t go wrong with cheesecake!

My biscuits somehow got a bit crushed but their design was still clearly visible. The digestives, whilst oatmeal in colour, had a shortcake-type design with a swirl border. Within the sandwich, a yellowy cream sat in a flower shape, with a centre of deep red cherry jam topped with sugar.

The biscuits had a rich buttery scent with a hint of custard from the cream layer. Alone, this cream was sweet and smooth, but I did find it got a little lost when combined with the other elements.

The jam accounted for 9% of the overall product and contained red cherry puree. I wouldn’t say it tasted like real cherries but it was certainly reminiscent of some cherry-flavoured sweets. The jam provided a sharp tang on its own but, again, this wasn’t as powerful when eating the biscuits as a whole. 

I didn’t find the digestive flavour very strong and I probably wouldn’t have recognised it if I hadn’t already known it was there. However, its soft and crumbly texture combined well with the stiff jam, providing a crunchy yet chewy sensation.

Whilst the main concepts of a cheesecake were included in these Fox’s Jam ‘n Cream: Cherry cheesecake biscuits, I didn’t think they did a particularly good job of tasting like their flavour inspiration. I enjoyed the presence of the cream layer but it was missing a cream cheese tang so I felt McVitie's Digestives: Vanilla cheesecake creams were more realistic in that sense. However, I much preferred this product to the more similarly-designed Jammie Dodgers Jam'n Custard, and the biscuits were particularly enjoyable when eating the jam and cream centres last!

Appearance: 7.5/20
Overall score:

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