Sunday 26 January 2014

Maryland Strawberry & White Choc

Product name: Maryland Strawberry & White Choc
Purchase details:
£0.49 for a 200g packet (Home Bargains)
103 per two biscuit serving (51 per biscuit)
Country of origin:

This metallic pink packet of limited edition Maryland Strawberry & White Choc cookies caught my eye in the Summer since they were so cheap and contained my favourite type of chocolate! I may have only just got around to opening them but that was in no way down to a lack of excitement over trying them.

As a general rule, I find that Maryland biscuits look more attractive on the wrapper than they do in reality, with the cookies tending to be more bumpy than knobbly (there is a difference, honest!). This particular product image showed visible white chocolate as well as pink strawberry pieces. The real-life biscuits didn’t look identical but there were still appetising in appearance. Their pale shade made them look more like shortbread than cookies (particularly without any dark-coloured chocolate chips), and the ‘sweetened strawberry puree pieces’ that accounted for 3% of the product weren’t as vivid a hue as the packet had suggested. See the black dot on my picture? That’s one! To be fair, they did look juicier and more of a peach colour, on the base of the cookies. As for the white chocolate chips, these seemed plentiful (contributing to 17% of the biscuits), and they looked nicely chunky.

When it comes to dried strawberry, I like it, but I do find it can sometimes be too sweet and sickly in these kinds of products. On opening this Burton’s Biscuit Co product, there was an immediate fruity aroma and, whilst this subsided slightly, a buttery biscuit scent with a hint of berry remained. The fruity taste was also very noticeable in the biscuits and was more spread out than I thought it would be. I’d expected a strawberry hit here and there but, instead, each mouthful was full of a sweet but not too overpowering slightly medicinal taste – it was surprisingly yummy!

The biscuits themselves also had a buttery taste which the white chocolate added a creaminess and slight sweetness to here and there. It wasn’t the most noticeable white chocolate flavour I’ve ever come across but it did a decent job.

The cookies’ texture was pleasantly crunchy with a cool solidness from the white chocolate chips. I also found that dipping them in tea softened them considerably as well as releasing a further flavour.

These Maryland Strawberry & White Choc biscuits were a lovely twist on standard chocolate chip cookies and I’d happily buy them again. Bargain! 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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