Monday, 13 January 2014

Asda Chosen By You: Rainbow buttons

Product name: Asda Chosen By You: Rainbow buttons
7 per 1.5g serving (298 per 60g bag)
Country of origin:

So it turns out that Santa shops in Asda since another item in one of my Christmas stockings was this bag of Chosen By You: Rainbow buttons (that’s ‘jazzles’ to you and me!).

Since I’ve always loved white chocolate, this was a favourite pick ’n’ mix sweet of mine when I was a kid. However, when I’ve tried them as an adult, they’ve definitely not been white chocolate and just tasted like sugar. To be honest, I’ve been a bit unsure whether this was always the case, or if my tastebuds have changed! As it happened, these only came described as ‘white chocolate flavour candy buttons with a candy topping’ so they weren’t the real deal either, and the main ingredient was sugar.

Despite being aimed at children, I did love the presentation of these sweets. They came in a cute pink bag which depicted cartoons of the buttons on a rainbow that reflected the colours of the sprinkles on the top of each sweet. The bag also contained a window through which the fairly large, flat buttons could be viewed.

There were supposed to be 39 seven-calorie servings in the bag which, I assumed, meant a serving was a single button. However, since I’d planned to eat them all at once anyway, I wasn’t going to count them all just to make sure! There certainly didn’t seem to be any shortage as I was eating them, though.

The Rainbow buttons smelt a bit like a slightly sweetened milk, although it wasn’t a strong aroma. The fake chocolate had quite a grainy texture, whilst the topping (that contributed to a whopping 25% of the product), provided knobbly interest. Despite being thin, they were quite chunky to chew, and this went well with the crunchy sprinkles.

The buttons had a very sweet taste with a very slight creamy element. To my pleasant surprise, the sprinkles almost added a fruitiness to the flavours on offer, and I felt that these sweets were of a better quality than other jazzles I’ve tried. That said, I still maintain that they weren’t as good as if a real white chocolate had been used, since they were too sugary for this.

I can’t deny these were a little bit sickly, but they were stupidly moreish, and I’m sure many parents would have no problem ‘helping’ their children eat them! 

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:

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