Friday 9 August 2013

Rocky Chockas: Toffee & choc

Product name: Rocky Chockas: Toffee & choc
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a packet of seven biscuits (Tesco Superstore)
85 per biscuit
Country of origin:

Despite the basic milk chocolate coated biscuit concept, I loved getting Rocky chocolate bars in my packed lunches as a kid. There was something unique about them which I think may have been the way the biscuit was buttery but crispy rather than crumbly. Whatever the reason, I had no qualms about picking up a packet of these Rocky Chockas: Toffee & choc biscuits, a while ago. 

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I got a bit behind with my snack consumption and so these biscuits actually reached their ‘best before’ date about three weeks ago. However, I always take such dates lightly, and I honestly don’t think this made a difference to my experience of the product. However, I felt it was important to mention in case anybody else has tried these biscuits and had an entirely different experience with them.

These biscuits were essentially the standard Rocky bar presented in a slightly larger, square shape and filled with ‘caramel pieces, dark chocolate chips and crisp rice’. They were actually far smaller than I expected but the bumpy surface at the centre of each biscuit hinted at the unusual filling that awaited. 

On breaking apart these biscuits, I was greeted with the inner toffee and chocolate chips which, aside from their dusty surfaces, looked a lot like the pieces that are often found in ice cream. I can’t say I noticed much of a smell emanating from the product, but I felt there was a very faint aroma of – surprisingly – the dark chocolate.

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve had a Rocky chocolate bar but these biscuits certainly had the same familiar taste of a not overly-strong milk chocolate combined with the more prominent biscuit. Did the filling add anything? Well, yes and no. The caramel chips added a slight saltiness to the flavour but also kept making me almost jump when I hit a piece when chewing – they were chewy, on the whole, but initially hard! Apart from a little extra crispiness, I barely noticed the rice pieces, and the chocolate chips didn’t seem to add anything to the texture, although I did notice hints of this darker chocolate in the flavour. I also suspect that this is where the cocoa aftertaste came from.

As much as I didn’t dislike these Rocky Chockas: Toffee & choc, I would much rather have a standard Rocky chocolate bar. I just didn’t find the addition of the filling added enough to the flavour to make it worthwhile, and I much prefer the non-chewiness of the standard bar. However, I was pleased that these biscuits did preserve the overall Rocky taste and biscuit texture. 

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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