Wednesday 21 August 2013

Wall's Cornetto: Strawberry

Product name: Wall's Cornetto: Strawberry
Purchase details:
£0.99 for a box of four cones (
160 per cone

I haven’t had a Wall's Cornetto: Strawberry in years so, when a box magically appeared in the freezer, I just had to have one – especially at only 160 calories per cone! 

Each cone contained vanilla flavoured ice cream, ‘strawberry fruit ice’ and sauce, and white chocolate curls. I’m not entirely sure where they were manufactured, but the languages and contact details on the box were for the UK, Ireland, Italy and France. The individual wrappers initially looked interesting but they turned out to just contain warnings, in said languages, that the ice creams weren’t to be sold separately. This seemed a shame and a missed opportunity to do something a bit different with the packaging.

The pink and white colours that topped the wafer cone were attractive and whilst, as a frozen product, there was no smell, there was plenty of flavour. The upper layer of vanilla ice cream was incredibly creamy and topped with a sweet strawberry sauce that added a slight tang. This was the dominant flavour, but I was pleased that I could still taste the contribution made by the white chocolate curls that sat on top. The strawberry ice sat beneath and was very juicy so, I suspect, it was this that contained the ‘strawberry juice from concentrate’ rather than the sauce.

After devouring the delightful topping, it was on to the crunchy cone which followed on nicely from the fruit ice’s sweetness. The cone was lined with a chocolate flavour coating which was only a thin layer but still had a positive impact. However, I found that it hadn’t been evenly distributed and so the cone was soft in places where it hadn’t had the protection of this additional layer, allowing the fruit ice to come directly into contact with the wafer. As a redeeming factor, though, the cone did have a chocolatey chunk at the bottom which I’ve always enjoyed in these types of product.

Having reacquainted myself with the Cornetto: Strawberry, I’m hoping it won’t be another few years before my next one!

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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