Sunday 2 February 2014

Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky (mint)

Product name: Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky (mint)
Purchase details:
£0.19 for a 48g bar (Home Bargains)
246 per bar

The Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky has been a favourite of mine for a long time so I can’t quite believe that this is my first one since I started my blog nearly six months ago! The peanut butter and white chocolate varieties are, probably unsurprisingly, my absolute favourites, but I couldn’t turn down the bargain price that this mint one was on sale for. (In fact, they’re currently three for £0.50 in Home Bargains, but I decided my snack stash was big enough without buying extras!)

Although I’m very used to mint-flavoured Kit Kats, having been an offering of the two-finger variety for a long time, I’ve only had this Chunky form a handful of occasions. It was the winner of the most recent ‘Chunky Champion’ contest and, as enjoyable as I’ve found it, I have previously felt that the extent of the minty flavour in this larger bar bordered on becoming sickly towards the end.

It is the thick chocolate layer that the Chunky bars are famous for that makes me love them so much. As a teenager, I regularly bit off all of the chocolate before proceeding to eat the wafer on its own – a bit messy but worth it! These days, I tend to alternate between eating these bars in a ‘normal’ way, and nibbling off some chocolate and eating that section of wafer before moving down the rest of the bar in the same manner.

The familiar red wrapper didn’t specify where this ‘crispy wafer finger covered with mint flavoured milk chocolate’ had originated from but the only contact details provided were for the UK and Ireland so it didn’t appear to have travelled far. I liked the freshness of the green section on the packaging, and I also thought the unusual choice of an image depicting actual mint leaves was a nice touch, rather than making me think that the product might not be very sweet.

The angular bar was divided into three sections which each featured the Kit Kat logo. The chocolate coating looked and felt lovely and smooth and it also produced a beautiful minty smell without being too strong. I was excited to see that this chocolate accounted for a whopping 67% of the bar, although also surprised that it didn’t look quite as thick as the chocolate on the Milka Leo. However, I do tend to find that the chunkiest bits of chocolate on these bars are at the two ends.

Although difficult to make out on my picture, the standard Kit Kat-style wafer consisted of five very thin layers interspersed with four sections of some kind of chocolatey crème. The resulting sweet finger was incredibly crispy whilst avoiding the trap of being dry.

As for the infused chocolate, this had an incredibly fresh flavour with only a slight bitterness, and I’m very grateful that Nestlé chose to use milk chocolate, rather than dark, for this reason.

There’s no denying that the concept of the Kit Kat: Chunky is a simple one but, when the resulting product is so tasty, who cares?! In this case, the mint flavour was delicious, and I also found that, despite my previous experiences, it wasn’t sickly on this larger scale. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:


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