Monday, 17 February 2014

Connoisseur Cadenza: Cookies and cream

Product name: Connoisseur Cadenza: Cookies and cream
Purchase details:
£0.89 for a 200g tin (Home Bargains)
123 per three wafer serving (41 per wafer)
Country of origin:

I bought this tin of Connoisseur Cadenza: Cookies and cream ‘luxury cream wafers’ months ago but have only just got around to opening them. Although it’s the kind of product that’s normally served with ice cream, I decided to consume them as a biscuit alternative. I bought two varieties of this Seasonal Supplies Pty Ltd product on my trip to Home Bargains and this Cookies and cream flavour was represented by the colour blue. 

I was expecting these ‘deliciously decadent, elegant, light textured wafers folded with smooth cookies and cream flavour’ (what a mouthful!) to be stored in a foil wrapper but, instead, I was greeted with a rather clinical-looking white plastic bag. Within this bag was around eight servings of the dark brown wraparound wafers and, whilst this colour hinted at a chocolate flavour, there was no mention of cocoa on the ingredients list. Instead, this shade seemed to be the result of ‘caramel colour’. As if to prove this, I found the wafers didn’t really taste of anything at all! 

The filling had a really strong and vanilla-like cookies and cream smell which was noticeable before the bag had even been opened. However, I did feel let down by its appearance since I didn’t feel it had been represented accurately by the image on the front on tin. The wafers were only partially filled meaning that the tubes remained hollow, and the centre was a rather unappetising shade of grey, rather than the fresh white hue that had been suggested. As a result, it looked more sugary than creamy. 

Despite my reservations, the taste of the cookies and cream filling did redeem the product. It provided a good vanilla flavour and, thanks to the milk and dairy creamer it contained, there was a slight creaminess too. 

I also enjoyed this product’s texture. The wafer itself was as crispy as I’d expect, and the relatively thick and soft cream blended nicely with this, providing no resistance. 

I can’t say this felt like a luxurious product, despite its claims, but then I wouldn’t have expected anything outstanding for the low price of £0.89 - it actually did well in the circumstances!

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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