Tuesday 4 November 2014

Cadbury Fingers: Fabulous (honeycomb)

Product name: Cadbury Fingers: Fabulous (honeycomb)
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 110g box (Tesco)
35 per finger
Country of origin:

Despite not being new, I’ve never bought Cadbury Fingers: Fabulous (honeycomb) before, although I vaguely recall trying one a while ago – not that I could remember what they were like!

These biscuits featured the usual Fabulous branding but had an amber carpet with a honeycomb design to symbolise the flavour. The box contained an average of 16 biscuits (with a serving intended to be two) and mine ended up being particularly good value since Tesco had kindly sent me a Clubcard voucher for £0.50 off!

I’d assumed that the Fingers, made by Burton’s Biscuit Co., would have featured a honeycomb cream layer like with the Fox's Velvety: Caramel & honeycomb cream but it turned out that the pale layer beneath the ‘velvety smooth’ milk chocolate (41%) was still white chocolate (31%). Instead, the flavour came from ‘honeycomb flavour biscuit’ which looked a bit more amber in colour to normal. However, I did also think the white chocolate looked a bit less white and a bit more yellow, but that was probably wishful thinking!

The very crispy Fingers had a sweetened scent which, whilst very nice, wasn’t strong. To melt, the outer experience was unchanged from the other varieties, but I was surprised to find that the inside tasted like a Crunchie that had been mixed with a bit of biscuit! I didn’t find this honeycomb aspect to be quite as noticeable when chewing but the overall feel was more sugary and the biscuits definitely did taste different to the standard Fingers: Fabulous.

I may not have purchased these before but I most certainly will again!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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