Tuesday 7 October 2014

Cadbury Wispa: Gold

Product name: Cadbury Wispa: Gold
Purchase details:
£0.29 for a 52g bar (Home Bargains)
265 per bar
Country of origin:

I have a distant memory of preferring the Gold version of the Cadbury Wispa to the original but, the last time I tried one, I was oddly disappointed. However, I thought it was about time I tried the ‘textured milk chocolate bar with soft caramel’ again, so here we are.

Unsurprisingly, the Wispa: Gold came in a golden wrapper, looking like a classier Crunchie without the bold, red writing. Mine was clearly from an older batch since it was made by Kraft, and it contained 35% caramel, with the chocolate consisting of a minimum of 14% milk solids.

The bar was quite glossy and angular with a delicate ridged affect. On cutting into it, I couldn’t believe just how much caramel was in there – for some reason, I’d imagined it to be thin, so being greeted with a golden, gooey mass was a great treat, and the contrasting colours were very much like the Dairy Milk: Caramel. It had an immediately welcoming and strong chocolate scent too.

The caramel tasted very sweet and, although this and the chocolate were relatively basic, there was no denying the feel-good factor that the flavour combination provided. The texture was even better, though. The base wasn’t as aerated as it looked and actually had a bit of a snap to it, but the best bit was the thickness of both this and the outer shell. There was something about burying my tongue between the two layers and into the silky caramel that was very satisfying.

I’m thinking I must have had a ‘dud’, last time, because this Cadbury Wispa: Gold was very nice indeed!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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