Thursday 26 June 2014

Nestlé Crunch

Product name: Nestlé Crunch
103 per three piece serving (308 per half bar)

I was lucky enough to receive this bar of Nestlé Crunch as part of the same survey that sent me Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnut. Although it’s a widely available product, I’d never actually had this ‘milk chocolate with crisped cereals (15%)’ bar before, although I had tried the white chocolate version.

The bar came in a really chunky 120g format and was presented in a dramatic blue, white and red wrapper containing an illustration of the chocolate that appeared to contain rice-based cereal. It was produced for the UK and Ireland and used chocolate that contained a minimum of 30% cocoa and 18% milks solids.

The chocolate block had a fun design which involved different jagged pieces fitted together in a jigsaw-like manner. The middle row consisted of larger pieces that each contained a letter of the ‘Crunch’ name. In contrast, the base of the bar was packed full of cereal.

The snack’s aroma had a strong milky cocoa scent and its flavour had milky chocolatey innocence to it. The cereal provided a hard, rough texture, and the overall impression was of a Rice Krispie cake without the mess or effort of making any! It also had the added bonus of a solid chocolate upper layer which provided a pure chocolatey element before reaching the crispiness.

Part of me was reluctant to score a product like this so highly but it really was a simple but effective pleasure. The flavour turned out to be really nice and creamy and reminded me of Divine chocolate...or at least what I remember it to be like having not eaten any for a while!

I’ve no doubt I’d buy this in future.

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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